We offer a wide range of precast walls:

  • large-scale elements of outer sandwich-type walls (load-bearing and self-supporting) that consist of 3 layers: internal – concrete, thermal insulation layer made of rock wool or polystyrene, external concrete siding,
  • large-scale elements of single-leaf outer walls and load-bearing inner walls
  • prefabricated siding elements
  • prefabricated walls of staircases and elevator shafts
  • outer fractures of walls can be plain or fit out with a mineral plaster. The external façade can be also finished using decorative templates.

Types of precast walls:

  • structural walls – part of the structure of the building. Structural walls are divided into load-bearing – they serve as a support for ceilings, and self-supporting that do support other elements of the building,
  • non-bearing walls – interior and exterior partitions. In the static scheme of a building, the non-bearing walls transfer their loads to the parts of the building structure.

Precast walls are made of expanded clay aggregate concrete and plain concrete. Tilting tables for the production of precast wall panels are 3,2 m x 6,2 m. Buszrem S.A. owns also a platform for the production of bigger walls that are even several meters long. The production of such large walls occurs only in exceptional situations and for special projects; the platform for the large-scale elements cannot be lifted or tilted so while designing the wall it must be taken into consideration that it will have to be lifted off the horizontal position. The technological line of Buszrem is also equipped with a room for fastening the process of concrete maturation. There are 40 tables for the walls that are 3 m x 6 m.