About us

The Production Plant in Włocławek is part of a corporate group BUSZREM S.A.

BUSZREM company works on the Polish market for over 30 years. The company’s business is the general building industry. We started our activity as a contracting company and then, in the following years, we started production activity: we are a valued and recognized manufacturer of paving stones and terrace slabs. We are also engaged in property development; we construct several hundred residential and public units annually.

Due to many years of experience, understanding the needs of the market, and modern trends in building, in 2011 we opened a new production plant in Sochaczew; we also purchased technological lines for the production of large-scale reinforced prefabricated units.

In 2018 we founded a production plant in Włocławek where ready-mix concrete was produced until now. We modernized it and equipped it in new technical infrastructure – two professional and modern production lines: Vollert – a fully automatic, high-efficiency line for the production of prefabricated walls and ceilings, and Progress – for the production of reinforcement elements. What is worth emphasizing, the line is adjusted for the production of single-leaf and multi-layered walls and full and filigran type ceilings.

Zakład prefabrykacji we Włocławku

We offer:

  • single- and multi-leaf walls/ferroconcrete and expanded clay aggregate concrete walls,
  • filigran type double walls,
  • filigran type ceilings,
  • stair flights and landings,
  • balconies,
  • columns,

We produce prefabricated units using traditional concrete or expanded clay aggregate concrete. It is a lightweight mineral aggregate with high insulation and acoustic parameters.

Buszrem zakład prefabrykacji

Over the last decade, our prefabricated units have been purchased by the customers in Poland but also sent to Swedish, German, and Norwegian markets. We design and produce for cubature as well as engineering structures.

Our main consignees are investors and general contractors working for the industry of single- and multifamily housing, industrial facilities, and technical production lines.

The quality of BUSZREM S.A. determines the company’s development. We offer you building consultancy and help on every stage of the investment process. We have earned the trust of thousands of customers who have bought our products and used our services. We are at your disposal.

Zakład Prefabrykacji Montaż

Prefabricated products

are our passion