Loading docks are located in loading zones of a building; there are movable dock levelers that reduce a height difference between a dock and a truck. Buszrem S.A. company’s docks consist of three elements: left and right sidewalls and back wall. Additionally, our units may have exposed stirrups, corrugated pipes, or rails with bent reinforcement that are used to combine the component with the monolithic structure on the building site.

Our docks are made of flat units that are monolithized at the construction site.

We offer prefabricated docks which size is adjusted to the project and building requirements. Most often they are used for halls, warehouses, logistics centers, and shopping centers.

The advantages of prefabricated loading docks:

  • quick implementation
  • high quality of the units
  • replicability of dimensions

no need for laborious formwork and reinforcement at the building site.