Expanded clay is a lightweight construction aggregate (LECA). It is a mineral and ceramic aggregate and also human- and environmentally-friendly. It is light and warm because of its porous structure. It is also used as an insulation material (heat insulation) and for drainage as an insulation backfill for ceilings and floors. The advantages of expanded clay are valued in Poland and all around the world. Expanded clay is almost weatherproof. It is especially popular in Scandinavia – for housing and industrial building constructions.

The advantages of prefabrication of expanded clay aggregate components:

  • expanded clay is a chemically inactive substance; it has no smell; it is resistant to acid, humidity, mold, fungus, and rodents,
  • frost-resistant, incombustible and lightweight,
  • LECA block walls have very good thermal insulation properties; they can be produced without additional insulation,
  • water vapor permeability,
  • LECA block walls heavily affect the comfort of use
  • great acoustic and thermal insulation properties lead to thinner walls that increase usable floor space by 5-7%,
  • ease of mechanical working,
  • installation possible all year round,
  • a short time of investment implementation

the installation of prefabricated walls directly “from wheels” (from the vehicle that delivers the components to a construction site) works out also on small building sites.