The production of double walls is possible due to many years of experience in the production of prefabricated elements and our latest investments in modern production facilities (a production line Volert – flat prefabricated elements of understructure type, single-leaf and multi-layered walls, filigree type ceilings, filigree double walls, a production line Progres – reinforcing steel mesh and other reinforcing elements).

The modern system of prefabricated filigree double walls, which we promote, is used in general and engineering construction. Technical aspects: double walls consist of two ferroconcrete slabs that are the so-called stay-in-place formwork for monolithic walls. The main advantage of double walls is full discretion of their shape and size and the possibility to create any technical holes. The formwork slabs of double walls could be from 5 to 7,5 cm thick. Depending on the intended use and required lifting capacity total thickness of walls comes to 18, 20, 22, 25, 30, 35, and even 40 cm.

Ściana zespolona

Fig. Construction detail of a double wall.


Supplying a traditional monolithic method for the technology of double wall prefabrication gives many benefits for multifamily housing since the first stage of an investment (construction of the underground area):

there is no need for using formwork panels on any stage of construction (a wall is a stay-in-place formwork on its own; the component must be positioned on lean concrete and eventually cemented with mortar),

technological holes may be left in the walls

– the surface of a prefabricated component is incomparably smoother than the surface of monolithic walls

double walls can be installed in winter