Prefabrication Plant

Prefabrication Plant in Włocławek is a manufacturing plant operating within the BUSZREM S.A. capital group

The BUSZREM company has been operating on the Polish market for over 29 years. Construction sector is the area of the company’s activity. First we started as a general contractor and in the following years we also began the production activity – we are a valued and recognized manufacturer of paving stones and patio slabs. We have also got engaged in the real estate development, building hundreds of living and commercial apartments annually.

Years of experience, understanding the market needs and trends of modern construction resulted in purchasing a technological line for production of large-size prefabricated reinforced concrete elements in 2011.

We offer the following assortment:

  • reinforced concrete columns and beams,
  • prestressed concrete beams and girders,
  • single and multi-layered walls in dimensions of 3.2 × 6.2m made of reinforced or expanded concrete,
  • flights of stairs and landings of staircases,
  • balconies,
  • lift shafts,
  • foundation footings,
  • elements of stadium stands and screening rooms,
  • decorative facade panels made of architectural concrete.

The material which we use to produce prefabricated elements is LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate) concrete – lightweight material of very good insulation and acoustics parameters, widely used in many parts of Europe, especially appreciated in the Scandinavian countries and Germany.

We are at your disposal and offer advice and assistance at every stage of the investment process. The quality that BUSZREM S.A. represents results in customers placing trust in the brand. We hope that you will trust us thousands of current customers who buy our products and use our services.